Welcome to the Centre For Healthy Living

The Centre is a place where people can find greater physical, mental and  emotional well-being.  We provide services and programs to help people improve their health and happiness, their relationships and family life.

Qualified practitioners offer psychological counselling, speech pathology, nutritional advice, western herbal medicine, personal training and professional supervision.

Current programs include classes in Classical Yoga, Health and Stress Management Programs and a series of public and professional workshops and lectures. 

Yogendra System

Yogendra System

The Yogendra System is a step-by-step program for improving health of the body and mind. It consists of a simple set of daily practices to help deal with stress, increase vitality, impart a sense of calm and improve breathing, concentration and overall fitness. Developed from classical Yoga and adapted for today, the Yogendra System has been practised in Australia for over 35 years.

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