New Seniors Yoga Classes

New Seniors Yoga Classes

New men's and women's classses in Classical Yoga will be commencing in early March. Please ring the Centre on 4661 3340 if you are interested in joining a class.

Yoga in its classical form is a practice for the development of the mind and body.  It leads to greater self knowldege, and with consistent practice, to greater health, well being and settledness.  This practice and its results are available to people of all ages.

The class for seniors will allow participants to progress at their own pace.  Seniors have a greater life experience, and will benefit from discussion and sharing on values and habits that enhance peace of mind.

The course will comprise physical, breathing, quietening and concentration practices, and guided group discussion.

The initial course is 8 weeks, with follow-up courses are available.

Why Yoga is particularly beneficial for older adults

Did you know that one of the ways the brain changes as we age is that the connectivity between various parts of the brain becomes weaker, so learning, memory, mental flexibility and sleep can decline. Older people who practice Yoga or meditation have networks that are more integrated and resistant to damage. People who have practiced meditation are significantly better at paying attention and have greater brain volumes in the cortex (thinking brain) and less decline as they age. The practice of Yoga can also enhance positive mood, reduce negative thoughts and feelings, increase memory, improve breathing and help maintain physical flexibility.

The Centre will be commencing Yoga classes for seniors at the beginning of March. The classes will involve practices especially chosen to be helpful for ameliorating the effects of aging. Please contact the Centre for more information or if you’re interested in joining a class.


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