People are often looking for the answers to some important issue in their life - such as:

  • Has my child got a learning difficulty?
  • Does he or she have ADHD or autism?
  • Has my partner been affected by their stroke?
  • Is my memory really failing?

Our psychologists do a variety of tests to help throw light on these types of issues. Sometimes these assessments may be requested by insurance agencies like WorkCover or accessed through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Assessment of Children

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We can provide comprehensive assesments of a wide range of behavioural, emotional, social and academic concerns and disorders in children and adolescents. These can include:

  • emotional distress such as anxiety (separation fears, perfectionistic and compulsive behaviour)
  • aggressive behaviours
  • academic difficulties (learning difficulties attention, audiovisual, memory and other issues)
  • hyperactivity/ impulsivity
  • social problems
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • giftedness
  • developmental assessments

Assessment for Adults

old people couple together connectedWide ranging or specific strengths and weaknesses can be assessed including:

  • general intelligence
  • verbal ability
  • visual-spatial problems
  • reasoning
  • every day memory problems