Speech Pathology Fees & Services

Fee Schedule

Initial Assessment Session

Includes initial phone call with the parent or carer to gather information about your child and to assist us in planning the assessment session. Does not include a report. We leave it up to you to decide whether a report is required and you may request this separately (see below for fees).

Initial Assessment – 1 hour $160

Initial Assessment – 45 minutes $120

Initial Assessment – 30 minutes $80

Therapy Sessions

Include provision of regular homework activities, time for discussion with parents/carers and limited liaison with teachers/other relevant people in your child’s life.

Standard Session ( 40 – 45 minutes)

Suitable for most children. $120

Long Session (50 – 60 minutes)

For children who require more time to complete tasks, have more goals to work on, or for older children. $160

Short Session (25 – 30 minutes)

For littlies, children who have trouble concentrating for longer periods of time or for children who only have one or two goals to work on. $80

Written Reports

Comprehensive Report

Includes all relevant background information, test scores, information about how assessment findings relate to your child’s everyday activities, comprehensive recommendations and/or strategies for home/school use. $80

Resources for your Child

Resources that we develop for your child that require laminating and/or use of Velcro or other materials Please enquire. Price depends on complexity of the materials requested.