About our Workplace Health and Well-being Programs

The Workplace Health and Well-being Programs are group programs designed to help participants develop a healthy lifestyle, minimizing stress and tension and maximizing good health.

Stress, negative emotions and poor lifestyle can lead to poor health, loss of productivity at work and stress on family life. Many workers, particularly in the business and corporate world, and those in the caring professions have poor diets, are over-weight and sedentary. Even more feel over-whelmed by stress and pressure. Stress produces inflammation in the body, a common feature in a range of illnesses including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and some cancers.

Recent research on the connection between physical and mental wellbeing has provided evidence that stress and negative emotions can intensify a variety of health problems including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease.

A survey commissioned by Medibank Private found that:

  • 45% of employees have poor Health and Well-being Scores, representing poor health behaviours.
  • Almost half (46%) have high fat diets; 62% are over-weight;
  • 10% are completely inactive; 40% engage in only minimal exercise; and
  • 53% report feeling overwhelmed by stress and pressure.

These factors impact severely on productivity through absenteeism and “presenteeism”(being physically present at work but not productive).

The fact that stress and lifestyle are linked to underlying disease processes involving inflammation,  means that we need to both ameliorate stress and improve our life-style. The Health and Stress Management Programs therefore offer:

  • Practical strategies for reducing stress
  • Sessions to improve diet
  • Exercise that involves no special equipment
  • Individual and group support for lifestyle changee

A key part of  ensuring sustainable change is providing social support. The fun and camaraderie of doing things together and sharing the highs and lows in group sessions, as well as working with experienced and caring staff helps to support your own efforts evry step of the way.



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