About the Program for Chronic Disease

The Healthy Living Program for Chronic Disease is positive lifestyle program to assist people with chronic disease and who also are dealing with the depression or anxiety that often accompanies pain and poor health.

The program involves a team of allied health practitioners – namely, psychology, dietetics,and will help you to manage the following risk factors:

  • Nutrition & diet
  • Physical activity & exercise
  • Social support – addressing vulnerabilities due to poor communication; anger management
  • Depression and anxiety

The Program involves learning about the process of change  and how you caan be successful in overcoming barriers to good health.


  • Patients remain on medication according to their doctor’s recommendations.
  • With patient consent, feed-back will be provided to GPs regarding patients’ attendance and progress in the program.
  • 10 - 15 patients will be enrolled for each program.
  • The program will sometimes use facilities at a local school for  dietary education
  • This program can be adapted to a range of chronic disease conditions