Pain Management Program

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The Pain Management Program is designed to help patients who have chronic pain associated with variety of health problems.


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Pain can be very isolating and may lead to depression and over-reliance on pain medication. Relationships and family life often suffer as a result. This Program helps you to develop skills that will give you better control of your pain.

What is the Program about?

  • The Program  is based on principles of neuroplastic transformation of pain. This approach uses the brain's capacity to change (plasticity) to reverse pathways that have led to the development of chronic pain.
  • Each session will give participants a range of strategies and techniques to overcome pain and enable a return to doing the things they enjoy and getting the most out of life.

The Format

  • The program runs for 8 weeks with sessions 1.5 hours in length.
  • The number of participants for each group is restricted to 4-8 to allow for individual needs to be catered to.


The eight sessions cover the following topics:

  1. The basic principles of neuroplasticity
  2. How chronic pain develops
  3. How to hrink the brain's map for pain
  4. The role of inflammation in acute and chronic pain
  5. Emotions and sress - switching off reactivity
  6. Undermining pain's persistence
  7. Replacing faulty beliefs about apin
  8. Releasing neurotransmitters that enhance connection and pelasure.

How do I enrol?

Enrolments are taken at any time. Please phone the Centre for Healtthy Living on 4661 3340. We will contact you when a new group is commencing. Participants can come through a variety of avenues:

GP referral

  • Participants may be referred by their GP for this specific group-based treatment. Currently the Centre has funding to offer this program free to all participants who have a Mental Health Care Plan.
  • Sometimes a GP may refer someone through WorkCover or as part of a rehabilitation plan that is covered by insurance.


  • People may also come using funding available through the NDIS. To get approval to use your funds, you may need to be referred by a GP or other health professional. The Program can be claimed as Group Therapy under services for Improvement in Daily Living.


  • Some participants may choose to come privately in which case they may pay the full fee and get a rebate from their Private Health Fund. 


  • Veterans can access funding through DVA.


  • The cost per participant is normally $400 (plus GST).