About Our Programs

We provide a range of positive, practical programs to improve your well-being

The Pain Management Program, for example, has been designed to incorporate the latest research on how chronic pain develops and how it can be relieved. It takes time and practice of a range of techniques to reduce pain and the resulting reliance on opioid drugs. All of our Programs involves practical activities that can assist you to achieve positive outcomes. We run programs for stress management for teachers and other groups as well as to assist people with chronic disease.

Our group programs  can help you :

  • Reduce stress
  • Have more stable moods
  • Develop greater physical fitness
  • Improve your sleep
  • Manage your weight .

Our programs will  help you deal with the everyday ups and downs we all experience which take the edge of a full and productive life.  If you have a referral with a Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor, Medicare rebates are available to participants. Otherwise private health funds may also cover the cost in part or in full.


Based on principles of neuroplasticity, this group-based program is designed to assist people suffering from chronic pain. Find out more


Through the Institute of Total Education, we provide a Program that gives teachers skills to manage the challenges of teaching today.https://www.thefoundation.org.au/programs/the-institute-of-total-education/ite-courses/building-resilient-teachers


This program has been specifically designed for patients living with a chronic disease plus the depression or anxiety associated with it. Find out more